Friday, December 9, 2011

And the WINNER is..

hey guys,akif mengucapkan beribuan terima kasih kepada yg sudi memberi sokongan kepada akif as one of the contestant in MNTM(malaysia's next top model) cycle one..everything just seems so great and very mysterious hehe...being the next top model real out of my mind ..why?because im the shortest contestant in that show..all the models was 6 foot and U SERIOUS!?im 5'6/7 .when Juan Yu(Supermodel/actress) calling my name to get on stage as the winner of the next top model..i do say "OH MY GOSH!ARE U KIDDING ME?!) hehe..its real unexpected moment but i feel that i was blessed,Alhamdulilah and i will do my best to get through this industry,,..height isnt a priroty anymore..its all about PASSION and Determination in you!so from now on,just follow ur dreams and trust to matter what career u re into,if u have diciplined and determination,anything could goodluck!

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  1. hai..saya baru je follow ur blog n if u dont mind plisss singgah2la my blog, feel free to follow.blh berkongsi cerita (^_^)