Sunday, February 12, 2012

Rest In peace Kak Whitney ..

Whitney houston..shes not a diva,shes a talented woman with a golden voice...what more can we say? 170 million record sales...ko hadooo? was a shocking news and me as one of the big fans of her tottaly cannot accept the situation going on right now...yes,i was grown up with her song,i listen to it every are some of her greatest hits of all time,,u guys should hear it..very meaningful and touch your heart and soul..I mean,Deeply!so,let's take a recap,xoxo :P

My Love Is Your Love-see you afer the judgement day.what a beautiful lyrics she have!tottaly an inspirational song.

I Look To You-this is obviously a reflection life of me,i hear to this every single morning..and it truly makes me a better person..

I Wanna Dance With Somebody-HAHA,when i was 6th,akif selalu dengar lagu ni...and i will dance!yes,this is the first song yg buat akif knows what is Dance all about!my frist experience!LOL...

And the most touching melody ive ever heard..I will always love you jazz version ,reminds me to ayah..i miss him :'(

This 3 songs i have listed above ,fave akif of all time and yes i still listening to them everyday..Whitney,something about her voice that you can't resist!shes tottaly something...ohhhh i will miss her for one can replace her.R.I.P whitney Houston,your music will never die ,unfortunately this figure died at 48,too early:(

Friday, February 3, 2012

Di Usia 18 tahun :)

Waktu dulu-dulu...akif kecik lagi...hehehe..sekarang dah besar dah diaaa.. :)

yeay,dah masuk 18,akip dah dewasa!boleh tengok klasifikate filem 18SG hahaha....aiyoo macha!walaupun saya tak lah se cute awak semua,tapi syukur alhamdulillah..hehe.haritu saya balik kampung,teman adik ijat main kat halaman rumah tu,tiba2 dapat snap satu pic,waktu ni face dia mmg comel...geram saya nak masukkan kat dalam ni..he love camera!

baju dia kotor sebab main kaler pensil...dgn makan chocolate...mcm2 lah adik ijat ni..hehehe