Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Samih- lagu baru Maher Zain yang menusuk kalbu weii..

love at first heard of this song , it tells about forgiving and forgiveness , mula mula dengar lagu ni dalam kereta menuju ke kampus..stress sgt waktu tu since baru berhenti kerja and decide to further my studies , guess what? Ive been betrayed once again ,so in the journey mak aku ade selitkan CD kat tempat cd kereta, so I give it a try..not a big fans of nasyeed but this one is quite okay , lagu pertama dalam track tajuk SAMIH so aku curios ape maksud samih ni since all the lyric was in arabic i believe , so aku search dalam google samih means forgiving! so you guys should listen to this it realeted to us, to Allah swt as well as to all creatures, I believe in the power of forgiving and forgiveness , lima bintang , one of my favourite track in the CD .

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